Blues for Reunion

Five years ago, I composed The Andover Blues in honor of our wonderful 25th Reunion

This year, I am offering up Blues for Reunion since the Class of 1990 will not be together for a marvelous weekend in a certain small town in Massachusetts 

I can’t think of a time where we need my alma mater’s motto more

Non sibi 

Not for self

Paul Revere, that midnight rider and silversmith, carved Non Sibi into a shining sun over a beehive representing hard work and industry on the school’s seal

I would show y’all the seal, but the Office of Communications has not given me permission. I don’t want to be a bad alumnus

I wrote these words not for myself, but for my beloved classmates

Since 1778 the place has been educating youth from every quarter, of which I am honored and privileged to be called one



Armillary Sphere. Paul Manship. 1928. Gift of Thomas Cochran. Commonly called The Egg Beater. On the Great Lawn. Phillips Academy. Andover, Massachusetts


Blues for Reunion

(To mark our postponed 30th) 


We won’t be together on Andover Hill

Sister Rona forcing a very hard pill

To swallow and bear without each other

No hugging and kissing, Dear Sister, Dear Brother

For that’s what we are, a family in spirit

Go Blue! Beat Red! (Can’t we all hear it?)

No major gift to rival our last

Eight million dollars, which we all amassed

No midnight treks across the Great Lawn

Showing up young alums until the bright dawn

No Harrison’s run for a lahge mayo sos

No march to the Chapel to meet the new boss

No 80s Cover Band where we could boogie

No worm from Jared Jackson, The Doogie

No jamming and laughing in West Quad North

To be our HQ where’d we go back and forth

All over our beloved physical plant

Now because of Rona we can’t

Be with each other, those whom we love

Even those with whom we don’t fit like a glove

Bungs, heinous beavers, nerds, and cool kids

Even missing those who aren’t on the grids

Of coming to campus to fill hallowed spaces

We have the best class full of such graces

Ninety-one gird your loins; our class will bring it

Shit will be epic; totally lit

But on the 12th, I’ll miss y’all more than you know

You darling people……I love you so


Hamlin O’Kelley, PA ’90

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