Suffice It

“Some say in ice”  Robert Frost 

“Do we have enough ice?”

That is the question I have been asking over the past two months

Is our ice maker producing enough?

Do we need to make more?

I can bag some

Will we have enough for tonight?

Did you move some out of the way so it makes more?

Will there be enough for the cocktails?

Will there be enough for the Hydroflask refill?

Fixated on it

Like bird-dogging it

One thing I can sort of control

During these grief stricken days

During the paralyzing paroxysms

“Do we have enough ice?”

So stupid, too

While my fellow countrymen are in lines at food banks

While my fellow countrymen are applying for and failing to collect unemployment

While my fellow countrymen espouse conspiracy theories out of desperation to make sense of out of the desperate

While my fellow countrymen cling to memories of a world that made some sense three months ago

While my fellow countrymen rebel against authority and control

While my fellow countrymen do their parts to aid each other

While my fellow countrymen are stuck in quarantines

While my fellow countrymen’s hair wants cutting

While my fellow countrymen wonder from whence cometh their next meal

I stupidly ask that question

“Do we have enough ice? ”

While our collective house is on fire

Fire and Ice

As Mr. Frost once wrote

“….that for destruction ice/Is also great/And would suffice”

Do we have enough ice?

The three ladies with whom I live roll their eyes at me

“Stop, Dad”

“Yes, we do”

“What’s with you and the ice?”

It’s all I can ask

When I hear the familiar hiss of water into the molds in the ice maker, I smile

When I hear the crashing clank of ice landing on ice, I smile

The louder the noise, the less ice we have

I don’t care if it’s clear

I don’t care if it’s cloudy

Do we have enough ice?


We do

Hope you do, too




2 thoughts on “Suffice It

  1. It means you’re human. Sometimes it’s those small & inconsequential things that take on an outsize presence,especially when they’re distracting from the daily horrors. The ice maker you can take in hand and bend to your will (or get a new fridge) but a deadly pandemic,not so much.
    I’ve been grieving over the impending end of Lord & Taylor- so much history,the nation’s oldest department store,almost 200 yrs old,about to become another victim of COVID-19. But if I’m honest it was inevitable;genteel old establishments haven’t been in vogue for a long time- times change. Not always for the better I might add. Yet when there’s so much suffering as you so eloquently detailed …. it’s small beer indeed. Counting my blessings and trying to pass a few along. Glad to hear all is (relatively) well in the low country.

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