The Three Dots


“I’ve never been held hostage, but I have been in a group text.” Anon.

That meme-worthy phrase has been around a while

During these viral ridden days when the news cycle gives us newer and fresher hells, I have never been more grateful for the groups of texters with whom I communicate regularly

I call one the Family texts

I call another the Charleston guys

I call another my New Yorkers

I call another Four Guys and a Girl

I call another Travel Buds

I eagerly watch those three pulsating dots when someone types

Then, there are the Facebook groups and Instagram groups

These people are all a life line to me, and, I hope, I to them

A lifeline of like minded souls

A lifeline of friends who are family

A lifeline of humor

So much humor

So much humor


Recounting tales of misbegotten youth

Sharing completely inappropriate items

Shocking each other


But mainly agreeing

Sending articles

Sending memes

Obsessing over the Tiger King

Bringing back phrases long forgotten

Discussing people who died over twenty years ago

Roasting one another

It’s all love writ large on iPhone keyboards

It’s also challenges to name foods named for places

It’s pictures of children

It’s complaints

It’s rants

“I’m minutes away from becoming that lady who yells at strangers!”

“Helluva an anniversary”

“Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose”

“Where the hell is everyone?”

“Yes! that was fantastic! Next time should we do it Finnish-style?”

“I wasn’t wearing any pants, anyway!”

“The lady at the Sonesta just said, ‘But did they cancel their graduation, too?’ I said, ‘Yes, ma’am’  Her reply ‘Well…shit…oh…sorry’ I told her I understood”

Sometimes I read them and spit out the beverage I am drinking

Sometimes I read them and cry

I just know that out there across the globe there I people whom I love and who love me

In Charleston

In Beaufort

In New York

In Denver

In Malibu

In Charlotte

In Boulder

In Hartsville

In Vermont

In New Hampshire

In Shanghai

In London

Here’s to keeping all the group texts going

Here’s to keeping in touch








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