Mo Mo MoMA


“Art is nothing if you don’t reach every segment of the people.” Keith Haring



L’Atelier Rouge..rusty red..favorite color…kill me…dead

Rainy Sunday, Gotham morn

Meeting Godfamily amid the storm

At the MoMA newly expanded

Tickets bought, so much branded

content waiting for the masses

Germans, ‘mericans, lads and lasses




whose hotel umbrellas shoved in holders

ready to be rubbing shoulders

with Abby’s treasures on 53rd

every language being heard

as the ticketed head upstairs

to the new galleries all impaired

by the crowds who fill the space

six deep at Starry Night they race


from room to room barely looking

with phone cameras constantly hooking

shots of paintings by Andy, Keith, and Mary Cassatt

Come on! Show me what you got

including Henri’s swimming pool

Room 406, the height of cool

soft gray light and a recessed seat



Thanks, Mr. Geffen. It feels complete.

So the crowds stumbled through

many ignoring Yves Klein “Blue”



Our eldest realized that a great reflection

in that work deserved inspection

a family shot in the ultramarine

Quick! Post it to your screen

to snap and insta and send to friends

the constant sharing never ends



A moment with Frida and Fulang-Chang

with the empty mirror beside which they hang

We stand in the mirror; become the art

Then, sadly, it’s time to depart

Sad farewells to those whom we adore

Into the rain, we head, we four

Thanks to Abby, Lillie, Mary Quinn

Sandlappers can’t wait to see you again





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