Never the twain shall meet

Kipling was right.


He has fallen out of favor, but he was right.

My phone has been blowing up with friends on the right and friends on the left. Yes, I am right of center on a lot of issues.  On a couple I am way to the left.

Basically, I want the government to leave me and mine the hell alone. I want good roads, good defense, good laws to let us all thrive.  That’s my version of the social contract.  I’m not asking it to be your version.  I’m not asking you to agree.

“He’s a liar”

“She’s a liar”

“F*** the Dems”

“F*** the Republicans”

“I love Lindsay”

“I hate Lindsay”

“Your Senator is crazy”

“Are u watching this?”

“You Southerners  [eye roll emoji]”

“Feinstein is the WORST”

“Hatch is old”

“Ghastly Grassley Is Gassy”

“Leahy looks like the Crypt Keeper”

“Flake is named perfectly”

“Go to hell Trump”

”You Love Kavanaugh; Don’t Lie!”

I won’t give my opinion here as to my belief or disbelief of the accuser and the accussed, as to who seems more credible.  I won’t tell you what I think about the nominee.

As an old pal recently told me when I told him that I do try and get along with most people, “Well, Hamlin, that can be a coping mechanism, too.”

I agree.

I cope.

I am trying to cope.

I wish we could all cope.

I don’t think he did it.

I think he totally did it.

There are no witnesses.

She said it happened.

I know Ralph.

I have Ralphed a lot.

Puking out of the side of a car as it hurls down the Interstate after the Carolina Cup.

Young women passed out on the sofa.

Young men passed out on the sofa.

Drawing on people passed out drunk.

Friends who have been sexually assaulted.

Pulling down bathing suits.

Grabbing ass.

Being handy.

You know she wants it.

You know she’s a slut.

You know she’s drunk.

No means No.

But does it?

I grew up in the 1980s, too.

Most of my friends and I lived like the nominee.  Most of my friends have never been accused of rape.  Many of my women friends have had unwanted advances, assaults.

Some have been raped.


“Anita lied”

“Clarence lied”

This seems familiar to me, but oh so very different.

I’ll never convince you.

You’ll never convince me.

You do realize that he will be on the Court?

You do realize he’ll never be on the Court?

Bork never made it.

Oh, your Facebook post about this changed my mind.

Echo chambers.

“I could never live there, it’s too liberal.”

“I could never liver there, it’s too conservative.”

What does that even mean, folks?  Of course you could live anywhere. There are nice people wherever you go.


Try and cope.

That article from Business Insider about the US being many nations with many different cultures is completely true.  I am from Deep South. I was educated in Yankeedom and Tidewater.

I have friends all over the land.

They don’t agree with me on everything, but we are still friends, aren’t we?

Aren’t we?


You’ll need to cut and paste as I can’t copy today:


Never shall these opposing nations all agree.

They shall never see eye to eye.

Never the twain shall meet.

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