White bucks; zero f****


Hash tag cliche


I still wear white bucks

Old school white bucks.

Like from the 1920s.

I’m not the only one in Charleston not afraid to don the red brick soled, white nubuck topped shoes.

They really are the only shoe to wear with seersucker.

They go great with khaki pants, too, and short-sleeved buttoned downs (SSBD’s)

Yes, I know I look like I work in an ice cream parlor when I dress that way.

Yes, we have waffle cones.

But, the real point of white bucks is that wearing them tells people that the wearer really gives zero f****.

Socks are sacrilege.

Back in 2013, Garden & Gun ran an article on how to wear white bucks. Never before Memorial Day.  Never after Labor Day.


The rule is never before Easter and never after Labor Day.  They advised rolled jeans.


Wear them with whatever you want.

Wear them and give zero f****.

A couple of Sundays back, as I parked on the street, I ran into Tommy Dew leading a large tour group.

His tours are the best in town and are conducted by someone who loves Charleston.

Tommy tells the truth, too, instead of what the tourists want to hear. (No, Rhett Butler did not actually live at 69 Church Street).

Tommy and I spoke and I said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the finest tour guide at your service.”

Tommy’s reply, “And, that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Charleston uniform worn by someone who actually lives in Charleston.”

I was wearing a blue blazer, white shirt, tie, khakis, white bucks without socks.

I gave the tourists a turn and a brief head nod, and then I was off to church.

So, I guess I do give more than zero f*****.

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